How do you know which fertilizer, seeds and pesticides is optimal for your soil?

It's hard to know right? This is where we've developed an algorithm which helps you figure out what's optimal for your soil and location. 

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SEEDING & Fertilizing

Through our proprietary algorithm we use a range of datasets and APIs to help you figure out what's the optimal time/date, depth, and type of seeds and fertilizer for your soil and different fields. 


It's hard to get the timing right of when pesticides needs to be done as well as judging quantity. This is why we've built in push-notifications for plant health based on your plants and seeds real-time. 


Our app will help you estimate when it's time to harvest in addition to yield projection. Additionally, we provide 10-year historical weather data for all your fields as well as real-time data on farmers in your network so you're always in the know.

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Digitalize your production

Digitaliser and record everything that happens on your fields throughout the season. Get real-time access to all your data cloud-based on any device. 

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Optimalize and save money

Our app will help you choose the optimal fertilizer and pesticide for your soil based on our algorithm and big data. We also help you figure out which seeds perform best in your area based on your soil type and qualities. 


Discover uncovered data 

Discover data and statistics you didn't know you had on your production. We pull in external data sources from NIBIO in addition to soil samples, this in combination with your data and data from our farmers network helps you understand your production on a deeper level.


All your data in one place

All your production data gets collected in one place, cloud-based. No need to manually check alerts of plant health, or look at manual calculations on weather data or soil qualities. We collect all of it and automate this so that you get to focus on the things that really matter.