How do you know the seeds you plant, the fertilizer you apply is optimal for your fields? 

This is where we come into the picture. We use clever Machine Learning models to help you not only figure out what inputs are optimal for your fields but also to predict yield, plan your season and give you real-time data to help you make better decisions.

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sowing & Fertilizing

Through our algorithm we help you choose the correct and optimal seed for all of your fields based on big aggregate data. Additionally, our model will help you choose the correct date/time and quantity of seeds and fertilizer.


We’ve developed a notification platform which will let you know when there is danger of certain weeds within the plants you’ve sowed. Additionally, our algorithm will constantly monitor your fields for changing in vegetation index.


Our application will help you not only estimate real-time yield dates for all your fields but also predict potential yield (kgs/daa). 

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Digitalize all arable activities on your fields

Digitalize all the arable activities you perform on each one your fields every season. Creates a logbook of historical events in addition to feeding our algorithm to help you make better decisions.

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Optimize: increase yield and save money

Save money on seed, fertilizer and pesticide inputs through optimization. Additionally, increase yield on all grains.


Discover valuable data

Through our comparison tool and algorithm which tracks and analyzes all data variables for all your fields, we can you show uncovered data and potential unlocked yields and savings on all your fields.


All your data in one place

All your production data in one place available through smartphone, tablet or desktop. Additionally, all external data variables such as weather, production, soil data and field info all in one place.